The Housing team at the Support office consolidates,summarizes, updates and introduces the housing information. In additions, the team also searches and develops new candidates for accommodation. However, please take note that we do not keep detailed information about every single property in the same way that real estate agencies do. Instead, we try our best to advise people on where to go and find appropriate housing information that they want.

Osaka University operates several dormitories. However since their capacity is limited, most of the international students need to find their housing outside of campus.

Osaka University’s Support Office for International Students and Scholars will provide a variety of information on housing to assist you in finding a room during your stay.

  1. Osaka University Dormitories

    (Administrator:”Housing Office” housing-kanri@office.osaka-u.ac.jp)

  2. As for International students, application is accepted from the 1st day of the 3rd month before the month of the check-in date.
    RRS(Residence Reservation System)on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Please feel free to contact Housing Office if you need any further assistance.

    Please note the following:
    *You need to be officially accepted by Osaka University to apply for RRS.
    *Note that there is no waiting list once the RRS system shows that we have no more rooms available.
    *We recommend you to start looking for housing ASAP if you cannot reserve a room at dormitory. Do not wait till a peak season (mid Feb.-March and mid Aug.-Sep.) in the real estate market around the campus.

  3.  Other Housing Information            

Please access Housing Request

Shared House

If you would like to receive other housing information, please fill out and send the attached Request Form
1,International Students
2 International Scholars

to the Support Office by e-mail (supportinfo@ml.office.osaka-u.ac.jp) as soon as possible.

When we receive your “Request Form,” we will send you the following information:
1)Dormitories of other support organizations: outline, application procedures and application forms.
2)How to find and request information from real-estate agents that cover near-campus properties.
3)Other information

*The Support Office provides general housing information for international students and scholars at Osaka University on how to look for and apply to housing accommodations.
*You will be in charge of collecting your own information to select a property. Note that you are also responsible for negotiating and signing the contract with the real estate company by yourself.

Support Office

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Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4750(Visa Procedures)

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