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There are two main methods for applying for both campus and off-campus housing. The first is the Residence Reservation System (RRS), an online reservation system managed directly by the various housing facilities. The second is through the submission of relevant application forms via your host department during the relevant application period.

(1) RRS (Residence Reservation System)

RRS (Residence Reservation System)

This is an Internet reservation system for the campus residences of international students and scholars. Eligibility and period of stay vary according to each residence, so please ensure that you understand the differences of each residence before you apply.
Please note that the RRS can be used not only by the international students or scholars, but also by the person who is in charge of accepting them at each division/school.

 RRS :Residence Reservation System will start to accept each application  as of 0:00 am, Japan time on a first-come-first-served basis.
   Application period will start from:
     ・International Students: 1st day of 3 months prior to desired move-in date.
     ・International researchers: 181 days prior to desired move-in date.

◆Please read the Term of Service thoroughly before you use RRS.

◆The followings are applicable dormitories via RRS.

Both facilities are temporary residences for international students who newly enter Osaka University until they get used to life in Japan. (*Rooms for families and couples are available to international students who are already enrolled at the university.)
  *Toyonaka Campus International House (C wing) – Single, Couple, Family rooms  (Outline)
  *Suita International Student Dormitory (for unsponsored male Students) – Single room only  (Outline)

◆The following are points to remember:

    1. You need to be officially accepted to Osaka University as an international student who possesses a “college student” visa as a status of resident in Japan.
    2. Application can be proceeded only when there are some vacancies.
    3. If you terminate the process or leave the screen for 30 minutes, the system will return to the top page, erasing any formation that has been input.
    4. Although there is no waiting list system, RRS will display vacancies whenever rooms become available.
    5. You must apply for entry into the applicable residences before entering the university or during the first month after having entered the university. For example, if you are accepted as of the month of April, 2011, the last chance to apply for a dormitory is April 30th, 2011. (*Rooms for families and couples are available to students who are already enrolled at the university.)
    6. At “Desired Period of Stay ” in the application form, do not enter Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays or any dates before your official enrollment date.
    7. Provide accurate information. After you sent it, you will receive “Completion of Application” via e-mail. Then, all contents will be checked by your administrative office at your department and “Notice of Acceptance” e-mail will be issued directly from the applied dormitory as a final confirmation. Please follow the instruction accordingly.
    8. For any inquires after the completion the application form, please contact directly to the applied dormitory with Receipt Number:
        *Toyonaka Campus International House: toyonaka-house@ml.office.osaka-u.ac.jp
        *Suita International Student Dormitory: suita-dorm@ml.office.osaka-u.ac.jp

Any questions or enquiries about the various housing facilities should be directed to the administrator.

The facilities which you can access through the RRS are as follows:

Housing Facility [Eligibility] Administrator
[1] Osaka University Toyonaka Campus International  House (Toyonaka campus) [International scholars / Long term] Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-7948
[7] Osaka University Toyonaka Campus International House (Toyonaka campus) [International students / Long term] Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-7948
[4] Osaka University Suita Campus International House (Suita Campus) [International scholars / Short term] Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-7142/7948 (Thursday only)
[5] Guest House of the Research Center for Nuclear Physics (Suita Campus) [International scholars / Short term] Research Cooperation Section at RCNP   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-8904/3972
[8] Osaka University Suita International Student Dormitory [International students (male only, privately funded)/ Long term] Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-4968

(2) In-house Offering (for International Students only)

The International Student Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs, will make an announcement to each faculty /school, when there are some openings available at various facilities. Usually, the required documents are then prepared and submitted both by the applicant themselves and by the person who is in charge of accepting international students at the faculty/school.

The followings are dormitories which applied by above procedures:

Housing Facility Administrator
[9] Niina International Dormitory Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-4968
[12] Tsukumodai International Student Dormitory Housing Division, Housing Office   TEL:+81-(0)6-6879-4968
[13] International Student House Osaka (El Sereno) International Students Affairs Division
[15] Gakushu Shoureiryo International Students Affairs Division
[16] Private Company Dormitories International Students Affairs Division

(3) Housing Request

Housing Request

International students and scholars wishing to find off-campus accommodation can use the Housing Request System to make a housing request. Housing requests can also be made on behalf of students and scholars by host department personnel. Users can then enter their housing requirements to be shown properties available from local real estate companies. We encourage you to make use of this service.

Finally, the Support Office is now working to improve the RRS system so that they can offer you much more residential information.
For improved RRS operations, we are happy to receive your opinions, requests and questions.
Please send any questions, opinions, or comments to our mail address at:

Support Office

Suita Campus:
1-1 Yamadaoka Suita Osaka 565-0871 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4750(Visa Procedures)

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