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On the “Room Search/ Housing Request System”, you will find newly arrived housing information, housing request form which you can send out to the registered real estate companies on Housing Request System and other related information.

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Private Apartment

*This site introduces some private real estate companies registered on “Room Search/ Housing Request System” only although there are much more other agencies.  Please note that the following list is for your reference only and the information is subject to change by each organization without any notice.

The listed websites provide information mostly in Japanese only. Please note that you may need the help from a third person to make good use of the sites and information provided, especially for those who came to Japan very recently.


*Also, please take all actions under your own responsibility in terms of the contents on these websites. Please be aware that we will not assume any responsibility for troubles.


MY ROOM by Osaka University CO-OP 

  ・Many properties around campus/Counter consultation available in English/Some furnished

  ・Counter location in 3 campuses


  ・For contact information: here


■Mini Mini Corporation

  ・MiniMini Kitasenri Office  Kitasenri branch has English & Chinese speaking staff             

  ・「阪大賃貸.com」:Property information around Osaka Univ. Campus

■Apamanshop Network Co., Ltd.

  ・Apamanshop Kitasenri Office           

  ・「Campus Apamanshop」:Property page for Students


 Most properties are furnished/internet/support desk for residents  

  ・International Support Desk(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and  other languages)10:00-18:30

■Admini Corporation (in Japanese only)

  No guarantor/Support Desk (English/Chinese)/Some furnished/rental bicycle

    Special page for Foreign Students ⇒ https://www.admini.co.jp/open_catalog/ 

■Entrance Japan Inc.

  ・Shared House/short-term lease available  ⇒http://entrance-japan.com/

■NASIC (National Students Information Center Co.,Ltd.) in Japanese only

  ・Discount rate for moving (in relation with Sagawa Moving Center Co. Ltd.)

  ・Rooms around Osaka University

    Suita  Toyonaka   Minoh

■Appartment Co.

  ・Many properties with no key money, security deposit and guarantor

      ⇒ http://www.apanavi.jp/ (in Japanese only)

  ・Support from signing the contract to moving in by experienced Chinese-speaking staff  

      ⇒ http://dabanzufang.com/ (in Chinese only)


    ・Foreign nationals Inquiry (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) 

  ・Search from University Name (Enter 大阪大学) in Japanese only              ⇒http://campus.able.co.jp/osaka/campus/List.do

  ・E-mail contact around Osaka University

    Suitta:shop742@able.co.jp  Toyonaka:shop763@able.co.jp

  ・Support Desk for Chinese students:kinki-ryugakusei@able.co.jp

■D-ai-D Co., Ltd.

  ・Some furnished/no guarantor/short-term lease  

   ⇒  http://www.d-ai-d.jp/bukken_rent.html (English site)

  ・Support by English-speaking staff from signing the contract (written in English and Japanease) to moving-in.

   ⇒  Email:chintai@d-ai-d.jp Tel: 06-6947-1828

  ・Rental mobile Wi-fi internet router

      ⇒  http://www.d-ai-d.jp/rental_wifi.htm (English site)


■Frontier Co.,Ltd. –  Shared house “Cocoon” (Short/Long-term lease)

  ・Terms and conditions may vary in each property 

         Near Toyonaka Campus (female only)



Private Hotel

Hotel around Campus


Support Office

Suita Campus:
1-1 Yamadaoka Suita Osaka 565-0871 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4750(Visa Procedures)

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Osaka University - Global 30

Osaka University

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