Primary Status at Osaka University

Primary Status at Osaka University / 大阪大学での主な受け入れ身分

International Student 留学生
Special Auditor 特別聴講学生
Special Research Student 特別研究学生
Research Student 研究生
Graduate Student (Full time) 大学院正規生
Undergraduate Student (full time) 学部正規生
Special Student 科目等履修生
International Scholar (Researcher) 外国人研究者
Visiting Research Scholar 外国人研究員
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researcher 外国人特別研究員(日本学術振興会)
JSPS Research Fellow 外国人招へい研究者(日本学術振興会)
Professor 教授
Associate Professor 准教授、講師
Assistant Professor 助教
Specially Appointed Researcher/Fellow (Full time) 特任研究員(常勤)
Specially Appointed Researcher/Fellow (Part time) 特任研究員(非常勤)
Specially Appointed Professor (Full time) 特任教授(常勤)
Specially Appointed Professor (Part time) 特任教授(非常勤)
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Full time) 特任准教授(常勤)
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Part time) 特任准教授(非常勤)
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Full time) 特任講師(常勤)
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (Full time) 特任助教(常勤)
Guest Professor 招へい教授
Guest Associate Professor 招へい准教授
Part-Time Lecturer 非常勤講師
Specially Appointed Technical Staff (Full time) 特任技術職員(常勤)
Technical Staff (Temporary Part-Time Staff) 技術補佐員(短時間勤務職員)
Visiting Researcher (API) 招へい研究員(API)
Research Fellow (JASSO) 外国人招へい研究員(JASSO)
Research Fellow (HITACHI) 外国人招へい研究員(日立)
Search Fellow 外国人招へい研究員
Japan International Cooperation Agency Trainee 外国人受託研修員
Visiting Researcher 招へい研究員
International Collaborative Researcher 国際共同研究員
Collaborative Researcher 共同研究員
Visiting Academic Staff 招へい研究員

*In case you cannot find your official status from above list, please ask your supervisor
 or staff of laboratory to where you (are going to) belong at Osaka University.


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