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For International Students and Scholars

Administrative Offices for International Students and Scholars

There is an administrative office located in each school and graduate school that provides support for international students and scholars when they make inquiries regarding enrolling in Osaka University, registering for academic subjects, (*) requesting certificates and making applications for scholarships and other necessary affairs.
(*) Some certificates are issued by Student Centers.

(S): for International Students, (R): for International Scholars(Researchers)

Faculty Telephone E-Mail
Suita Campus
Department of  International Affairs International Student Affairs Division(S) 06-6879-7103
Human Sciences (S)(R) 06-6879-8012
Medicine(excluding Health science) (S) 06-6879-3079
Medicine(excluding Health science) (R) 06-6879-3345
Medicine(Health science) (S) 06-6879-2512
Medicine(Health science) (R) 06-6879-2504
Dentistry (S) 06-6879-2862
Dentistry (R) 06-6879-2831
Pharmaceutical Sciences (S) 06-6879-8147
Pharmaceutical Sciences (R) 06-6879-8144
Engineering (S) 06-6879-7225
Engineering (R: Research Fellow) 06-6879-7209
Engineering (R:Professor, Research/Visiting Scholar etc.) 06-6879-7207
Information Science and Technology (S) 06-6879-4508/9
Information Science and Technology (R) 06-6879-4299
Frontier Bioscience(S) 06-6879-4421
Frontier Bioscience (R) 06-6879-4691
Research Institute for Microbial disease (S)(R) 06-6879-8273
Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (S)(R) 06-6879-8385
Institute for Protein Research (S) (R) 06-6879-8596
Institute of Laser Engineering (S)(R) 06-6879-8711
Institute of Social and Economic Research 06-6879-8552
Joining and Welding Research Institute (S)(R) 06-6879-8678
Research Center for Nuclear Physics (S)(R) 06-6879-8904
Cybermedia Center (S) (R) 06-6879-8804-06
Center for International Education and Exchange (S) 06-6879-7118
Immunology Frontier Research Center (S) (R) 06-6879-4275
Toyonaka Campus
Letters (S) 06-6850-5084
Letters (R) 06-6850-5201
Economics (S) 06-6850-5204
Economics (R) 06-6850-5202
Science (R:Research Fellow) 06-6850-5280
Science (S) +(R: Other than Research Fellow) 06-6850-6778
School of Engineering Science(S) 06-6850-6152
Grad, School of Engineering Science(S) 06-6850-6146
Engineering Science(R) N/A Each Professor
Language and Culture(S) 06-6850-5856
Language and Culture (R) 06-6850-5855
International Public Policy (S) 06-6850-5612
International Public Policy (R) 06-6850-5202
Law (Law School) (S) 06-6850-6942
Law (Law School) (R) N/A Each Professor
Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (S) 06-6850-5610
Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (R) 06-6850-5605
Center for the Study of Communication -Design (CSCD) (S) 06-6850-6214
Center for the Study of Communication -Design (CSCD) (R) 06-6850-6632
Minoh Campus
Foreign Studies, Language and Culture (Studies in Language and Society Studies in Japanese Language and Culture)(S) 072-730-5052
Foreign Studies, Language and Culture (Studies in Language and Society Studies in Japanese Language and Culture)(R) 072-730-5013
Center for Japanese Language and Culture (S) 072-730-5075
Center for Japanese Language and Culture (R) 072-730-5072

Advising Rooms for International Students

The services of the Advising Rooms for International Students are provided independently by some schools and faculties.
The following faculties offer consultation, guidance and advice on academic matters as well as consultation and information on campus matters and other matters concerning the daily life of students, and offer many cross-cultural exchange events.

Letters (Toyonaka)
1st Fl., of the School of Letters room 109 (Office of International Affairs) http://www.let.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/international/support/advisor-s-office
Human Sciences (Suita)
220, 2nd Fl.., School of Human Sciences School House (The Office of International Exchange) http://oie.hus.osaka-u.ac.jp/english/index.html
Law (Toyonaka)
162, 1th Fl., Main Bldg. of School of letters, Law and Economics http://www.law.osaka-u.ac.jp/foreign/index.html
Economics (Toyonaka)
1st Fl., Graduate School of Economics Bldg.
(International Exchange Office)
Science (Toyonaka)
619, 6th Fl., School of Science Main School House(Bldg. H) http://www.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/overseas-study/international-exchange/
Engineering (Suita)
1st Fl., International Research Complex for Biotechnology  http://www.fsao.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/ (Japanese)
http://www.fsao.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/english/ (English)
Engineering Science (Toyonaka)
A-325, School of Engineering Science Bldg. A http://osku-sigma-gcs.alcent.jp/

Transportation around Osaka University

Support Office

Suita Campus:
1-1 Yamadaoka Suita Osaka 565-0871 Japan
(Visa Procedures)
  Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4750
  Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4748

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