5. Exchange Programs and other Support Systems

BSP (Brothers and Sisters Program)

Most members of the BSP consist of a student volunteer group at Osaka University. BSP offers various events to promote friendly exchanges among international and Japanese students in cooperation with the CIEE. The BSP assists in organizing activities such as welcome parties for new students in spring and fall (co-hosted by OUISA) and campus tours to help international students adjust to a new life in Japan.

OUISA (Osaka University International Students Association)

The OUISA represents all the international students of Osaka University whose purpose is to promote exchanges among international students, Osaka University staff and students, and people from the local community. In cooperation with the CIEE, the OUISA conducts various activities such as general meetings, welcome parties (co-hosted by BSP) and sports festivals.


Exchange programs with local elementary, junior high and high schools

Through this program, international students visit local elementary, junior high, and high schools to communicate with students. They help young Japanese people to develop multicultural awareness by presenting their countries’ culture and interacting with them. This program has received numerous favorable comments from the participants.

Financial Support (for International Students)

*Inquiries for all information below → please contact your administrative office of each faculty.*

General Information of Financial Aid


[ Japanese Government Scholarship Students ]

The University chooses the candidates from unsponsored international students who attend a Japanese university and are advancing to the final year of an undergraduate course as well as from those who attend or are expected to advance to a graduate course. The selection committee of the *MEXT determines the recipients from the applicants recommended by the University. *MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

[ Privately Financed International Students ]

This program offers a study grant to unsponsored international students with outstanding academic and personal records who have financial difficulty in continuing school. An applicant awarded this scholarship receives financial support of ¥48,000 per month in the case of an undergraduate student or a student taking an equivalent academic course, and ¥65,000 per month in the case of a graduate student or a student taking an equivalent course (as of 2014).

[ Financial aid offered by private organizations and others ]

Financial aid is granted or loaned by private organizations and municipal governments. Applicant eligibility and the number recruited vary according to the scholarship. Recruitment information is posted on bulletin boards in each faculty when available. Please contact the person in charge of financial aid at the faculty to which you belong. For information about the financial aid offered on a yearly basis, refer to the website of JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)


[ Tuition Fee Exemption ]

Students who have difficulty in paying the tuition fee and have an outstanding academic record may apply for tuition fee exemption (only full-time private students on an undergraduate or graduated course).

For detailed information of the tuition fee exemption program, see the leaflet of the tuition fee exemption program at each Student Center (http://www.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/guide/student/center.html), the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice (06-6850-6111) or each school and graduate school.
Please see this website for detail: http://www.osaka-u.ac.jp/en/guide/student/tuition/remission.html

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