2. Other Procedures


When you open a bank account, you can use these services: deposits, money transfers, automatic payment of such items as utility bills and credit card balances, currency exchange, and so on.

They generally open from 9:00AM – 3:00PM on weekdays, Monday through Friday, and closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. ATM operating hours vary from bank to bank and some provide a 24 hour service.

Opening an Account

You are recommended to apply for an ATM card at the same time opening an account.
The following are required documents in most cases:

  1. Passport
  2. National Health Insurance Card or Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card)
  3. Certificate of Residence
  4. Personal seal (inkan)
    *Some banks accept a signature as a substitute for an inkan. – Please check with the bank.
  5. Cash for initial deposit
    *The minimum amount of deposit will vary depending on the bank. – Please check with the bank.

MUFG Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Japan Postal Bank have set up ATMs in Osaka University.
(See Toyonaka Campus map, See Suita Campus map ).

Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water)

Utility bills can be paid in cash at banks or post offices or convenience stores. Alternatively, you can arrange for payment via account transfer. Ask for details at your bank.


The voltage and the frequency used in Osaka is 100V/60Hz. Make sure to use appropriate electrical appliances matching this power supply. Power failures may occur if you run too many electrical appliances at the same time.  Thus, it will be helpful to know about the electrical capacity of your apartment. If the power does go off due to an overload, turn off as many appliances as possible before re-setting the circuit breaker.

Electricity in Osaka is supplied by “Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.”. In order to begin using electricity or in case of emergency, contact the nearest service office of Kansai Electric Power.

Kansai Electric Power Co., INC. Service Office Contact
Suita City, Settsu City, Toyonaka City, Ikeda City, Minoh City
– Hokusetsu Service Office, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
Takatsuki City, Ibaraki City-Takatsuki Service Office, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. 0800-777-8018
Website of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.: http://www.kepco.co.jp/english/
Guide to Electricity: http://www.kepco.co.jp/english/home/denki/


There are two types of gas supplied in Japan: propane gas and utility gas. “Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.” supplies utility gas in the Kansai region. When you begin living in your new residence, contact Hokubu Office, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (Tel: 0120-5-94817) to make an arrangement for having the gas valve opened. An employee will visit you on the appointed date to open the valve, an inspection of gas lines and appliances, with instructions on how to use them.

For emergencies such as gas leaks, contact the gas leak hotline, Hokubu Office, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
(Osaka Gas Leak Call: 0120-5-19424).
Osaka Gas website: http://www.osakagas.co.jp/en/


Tap water is safe for drinking in Japan. When you move into your new residence, contact the waterworks division of the city office in the city where you live in

Service Office Contact
Suita City: Waterworks Dept. 06-6384-1255 Ibaraki City: Waterworks Dept. 072-620-1691
Toyonaka City: Waterworks Bureau 06-6858-2931 Takatsuki City; Waterworks Dept. 072-674-7902
Ikeda City : Water Supply & Sewage Dept. 072-752-1111
(ext.73-734, 73-735)
Minoh City: Customer Supply and Sewage Authority 072-724-6756

Telephones, Internet

Services vary from company to company in Japan. For details please check the company websites before application.

Residential Telephone

The followings are information on major telephone companies for your reference only.

NTT Tel: (0120)064337 (NTT West Information) /No access from mobile phones
English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese on Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00
Korean on Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 to 21:00

For installation or other inquiries, please call the above numbers.
You can apply for a telephone by dialing “116” (9:00 to 21:00) and follow the guidance(Japanese only),
or go to a nearby NTT West service counter to apply for telephone service. When applying, you will have to present some personal identification (Passport, Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card), Driver’s license).

Also NTT offers Internet package services. Refer to above website for details.
KDDI http://www.kddi.com/english/personal/service/phone/
Softbank Telecom http://tm.softbank.jp/english/consumer/

Public Phones

For domestic calls, public phones can be used by inserting 10 or 100 yen coins or telephone cards. Phone cards can be bought at Osaka University CO-OP, convenience stores or other places. Some public phones are accepted to be paid by credit card. Public phones that can be used to make an international call are marked with an ”International Phone” sign.

Cell Phones

You can apply directly to your phone company or visit its nearest representative office. You will need to present your identification documents (Student ID), usually together with your Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card). Services vary by company. For details, check the company websites before application.

Listed below are the major Cell Phone Companies in Japan.

  Tel URL
docomo(NTT) 0120-005-250 http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/
Softbank 0080-919-0157(Press8)
(Rental Phone)

au(KDDI) 0077-7-111 http://www.au.kddi.com/english/index.html

Telephone Directory in English

“iTOWNPAGE” is an online directory designed for those who wish to search for businesses by Category, Business name, or Region. (http://itp.ne.jp/)


The method of connecting to the Internet varies according to the type of line (dial-up, ADSL, cable TV) and local environment. Therefore, when moving, make sure to inquire about the Internet provider(s) available in your new home. Listed below are the major Internet providers in Japan. (Most in Japanese only)

  Tel URL
OCN 0120-506-506 http://www.ocn.ne.jp/
Nifty 0120-50-2210 http://www.nifty.com/
Yahoo BB 0120-33-4546 http://bbpromo.yahoo.co.jp/
AOL 0120-265-265 http://www.aol.com/
So-net 0120-117-268 http://so-net.ne.jp

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