2. CESR Procedure

CESR Application Flow

CESR Application Process

  1. (1)A.O. –> Applicant
    Applicant receives the following documents from A.O. of Osaka University by email.
    Form1: Information of Visa Application
    Form2:Information Sheet for CESR Web Application and Visa Application Form
  2. (2) Applicant –> S.O.
    After Applicant receives Form1 and Form2, complete Web Application and send the required documents through the URL which is in the email which you receive when you complete the web application. When you cannot attach your document’s data on the system, you can also send the documents by email or postal mail.
  3. (3) S.O. –> A.O.
    S.O. sends the applicant’s information to A.O.
  4. (4) A.O. –> S.O.
    A.O. checks the information and gives approval. When the applicant is not the expected person, A.O. can reject the application. After the approval, A.O. sends required documents to S.O.
  5. (5) S.O. –> Applicant
    S.O. sends an email to Applicant when the application is ready to submit. In the email, Applicant can confirm the postal address of CESR. If you need to modify the address, please inform the new postal address to S.O.
  6. (6) S.O. –> Immigration Office
    S.O. applies for CESR to the Immigration Office
  7. (7) Immigration Office –> S.O.
    Immigration Office sends the issued CESR to S.O.
  8. (8) S.O. Applicant
    S.O. sends CESR by EMS to the postal address of CESR which Applicant entered on the web system. And S.O. sends an email to the Applicant to inform the tracking number of the package.
    Applicant sends an email to S.O. when they receive their CESR.
  9. (9) Applicant Japanese Embassy or Consulate
    Applicant applies for Visa to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate with Visa application form, ID photo, Passport, CESR and other required documents.
  10. (10) Applicant
    Entering Japan with visa(passport) and CESR. CESR has to be submitted to the Immigration Officer.

CESR Application Procedure

  1. Applicant receives the following documents from the administrative office of the school/faculty/graduate school/institute/center of Osaka University.
    Form1:Information of Visa Application Form2: Information Sheet for CESR Web Application and Visa Application Form
    *A.O. needs to fill out the form before sending Form2 to the Applicant.
  2. Applicant enters the required personal information on the CESR Web Application System.
  3. Applicant can submit the required documents to S.O. through the web system. When you cannot attach the document data on the system well, you can send the documents by email or postal mail. Regarding the required documents, the detail information is on Form1.

    E-mail Address: cesr-support-isc@ml.office.osaka-u.ac.jp
    Postal mailing address:
    Support Office for International Students and Scholars Osaka University
    1-1, Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 Japan
    Tel: +81-6-6879-4750
    Fax: +81-6-6879-4752

    * Your application will be completed once the Support Office receives the application through the web system and required documents.

Application for your visa to the Japanese embassy or consulate

  1. Once you receive your CESR, you have to apply for your visa to the Japanese embassy or consulate.
    Required Documents: Visa application form which your ID photo is attached, passport, CESR, other required documents.
    *Before submitting your application, be sure to check with the embassy or consulate about the required documents.
    VISA Application Form (From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)
  2. Your visa will be issued by the Japanese embassy or consulate.

Entering Japan

  1. Enter Japan with your passport, visa and CESR.
  2. Be sure to submit your CESR to the immigration officer at the airport.
  3. The Immigration officer will put a Landing Permission seal on your passport, which shows the date of landing, the period of stay, and your status of residence. When your duration is longer than 3 months, the residence card will be issued. Be sure to confirm if your status of residence and period of stay on the landing permission seal and the residence card is correct.
  4. Those who are granted “Student” status with the permitted period of more than 3 months can apply for the “permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” after you receive a landing permission. This permission is required if you would like to work as a part time. If your application is approved, they will endorse on your residence card. Please confirm it.

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