3. Using the CESR Web Application System

Support Office makes a CESR application form to submit to the Immigration Bureau. Applicants are requested to enter your required information through the CESR Web Application System. If there is any wrong information, it will take more time than usual for the issuance of CESR. Only applicant can enter the information, NOT Osaka University staff. Thank you for your understanding.

Necessary documents for the web application

  1. Passport (You can apply for your CESR without the valid passport.
    If your passport is under proceeding, please click the “proceeding” button.)
  2. Form1: Information of Visa Application
  3. Form2: Information Sheet for the CESR Web Application

    Please refer to the Form2 which you received from Osaka University staff.

  4. 【When you apply for your family’s CESR】

    For your spouse: Official certificate which shows the family relationship with you such as marriage certificate.
    For your child(ren): Official certificate which shows the family relationship with you such as birth certificate.

CESR WEB Application System

CESR web Application System

Procedures for CESR Web Application System

    1. Choose your status at Osaka University on the top page.
    2. The screen jumps to the information entry screen of the appropriate type of the visa.

Back ground color

      • Yellow: Student
      • Blue: Professor
      • Yellow Green: Cultural Activities
      • Pink: Dependent.


  1. Enter the required information. After you complete to enter the information, click the confirm button.
  2. When the error sign shows up, please modify the information. If there is a blank part, enter the space, and it will not be error.
  3. When there is no error, all entered information show up on the screen. Confirm the information and click the submit button.
  4. You can find “Completed” sign on the screen, and an email is sent automatically to your email address by the system. When you need to modify the entered information, please contact the Support Office.
    If you do not receive an email, the application might not be completed, OR the email might store in the spam mail box. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Support Office.
  5. Please send the required documents to the Support Office by email or postal mail. Please refer to the Form1 for details.

Notes on the web application

Enter the number with the one-byte letter, without comma, without currency unit.
(Good Example) ○120000
(Bad Example) ×120,000  ×120000yen  ×120000

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