The Support Office for International Students and Scholars

  The Support Office was first established in October 2007 within the International Student Affair Division at the Department of International Affairs. It was relocated with a new office and expanded operations to the Center for International Education and Exchange in October 2009, after Osaka University was selected as one of the core universities for the program “Global 30”, designed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

   The Support office offers assistance and provides information for international students, scholars and their families, on such matters as visa procedures, the search for accommodations, and other necessary procedures, focusing its service on prior to and soon after arrival in Japan.

    The primary goal of the Support Office is to create good links with the international students, scholars and the faculty staff at Osaka University, and also to help make their lives easier and more comfortable, so that they can concentrate fully on their academic activities throughout the duration of their stay in Japan. 

Support Office

Suita Campus:
1-1 Yamadaoka Suita Osaka 565-0871 Japan
(Visa Procedures)
  Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4750
  Tel: +81-(0)6-6879-4748

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